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Case Studies

25 year old Nonprofit, still being run by a founder

This was an organization whose genesis came from a bank owner who wanted to enhance a neighborhood in which the bank was active.  Over the years the nonprofit became one of the more successful organizations in leveling the playing field for underserved business owners throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area.  Redwood's process, in addition to helping them articulate the need for an independent building, expanded programs and dramatically enhanced their fundraising revenue.  This effort, gave the founder, room to advance a strategy to bring the success they had locally to other communities nationally.

Successful Nonprofit ready to take it to the next level 

The nonprofit provides people with no hope a path out of poverty, through training to a career in construction, health care and the IT industries that ultimately leads to stable families and neighborhoods.  Redwoods role included everything from renaming the organization, to finding affluent and influential leaders to bring in their peers as donors, to a successful capital campaign to a road map for sustainability for their future.

Small Nonprofit with a Big Dream

A small organization founded in 2009.  They wanted to double the people it served, quadruple its loan fund and grow their revenue by 60% over a five year period.  Redwoods role included everything from training and coaching leadership, how they get there, what they need to be successful, developing an emotionally compelling elevator speech, guiding a planning process that the board and staff had full participation and buy-in and activating a culture of philanthropy that permeates the organization.  These are the things we concern ourselves over. 

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